Many things inspire me. I get excited over the smallest of things, things some people don’t even notice exist, to me, are gifts of life.

Blue skies , green fields, butterflies, a sunny day. Everything around me is an exploration of life.How things work , how things are born and created. Words, art, music and breathing are reasons for being thankful. People , cultures , history …all the corners of the earth past and present. What we all have in common is love. Everything born is of some form of love.

As I age I feel music more powerfully within my soul. Even though as a small child I loved music , now I don’t just love it , I live it .It flows through me, through my veins to my heart.

Poetry I feel is the most powerful form of written art. To be able to create such a piece that grabs the reader by their soul to make them feel every descriptive word is genius.

I have always been an avid fashion fan.In my teens I even designed and made clothes from scratch. Many people have inspired me over the years in the art and fashion world. Their greatness is like a huge ,gentle flower, falling petal by petal. Touching those with hearts overflowing with desire , passion , colour ,love, beauty and creation.

I couldn’t possibly name them all here but these are a few of my all time favourites:

Beginning with fashion, I admire so many designers.I can’t get enough of new creations , ideas, birth of new forms and shapes.

I never got to meet  and is a sad loss to the world. There has been no one come anywhere near his mind of creative design. I get goosebumps just thinking of his shows, his pure brilliance.A true legend.  For thinking out of the box . For exploring  and playing with so many unusual materials and art to the extent a new form of fashion was created to blow the minds of the viewer. Long may he reign .

For those fantasy dream wedding dresses. A knowing of a woman’s form, shape and beauty.To be able to sculpt with such fine delicate fabrics and create such heavenly feminine pieces of art is indeed a gift.

For contemporary works of  walking art.For an explosion of colour and fabrics. I do love palette play  and this company is probably my favourite affordable designer.

For fluid femininity of colour and movement.For classical womanly shapes and flow of fabric.

For surprising, exciting play with shapes and flows and fabric contortions. Another fashion artist who thinks out of the box.

My old time ARTIST GREATS are as follows, but really there are so many I cannot list them all:

First and foremost my all time favourite.There has not been an artist in my view born since of the same creative , soulful,  expressive talent.With pain and torture comes the greatest works of art,  that live through time with a knowing and understanding of emotion. I love every single piece born of this man. I have not yet witnessed in person all of his works , but that is one of my missions in life.

The creator, the shape maker .The artist of the future born before his time .His view from his own mind took him to dimensions beyond his era of understanding. How great is this.

For expression, for light play and shadows of depths beyond the canvas. Portraits are one of my favourite forms of art.I know of the frustration and time and perfectionism is takes to create a life like painting.

A great of many forms , sculptures that will stand the test of many lifetimes. Paintings of time and space of culture of life.How masterful to be blessed in so many forms.

Musically I love many sounds for different reasons:

Classical to work to , especially epic pieces that fire you up .

Dream state fantasy pieces with binaural beats and so forth for opening the mind to creativity.

I have cried to many forms of musical genius and been moved to the point of flying within my soul. I am honoured and blessed to be able to play such heavenly pieces.

There are those who take your breath away in all the creative arts, be it vocally, musically, visually or mentally .

I bow in recognition of these Kings and Queens of their destinations and creations.

Their gifts to the world.

For without them, we would be hard, cold , lost and robotic.

When tears run down your cheeks because you have felt an emotion so deep it filled you up to express yourself. This is a gift from God.

We are all blessed in so many different ways.

Our individuality is what makes the world an interesting place .

Do not be moulded into a conformist robot with no desires, no emotions ,no drive of creativity.

Explore , delve deep into your heart to find that thing that makes you truly live, breathe and grow.

There are so many talented people across the earth , the internet has gathered us together from all the corners to share our versions of where we come from. How exciting is this era?

A world above and beyond our expectations, our dreams.

Anything is possible, today is the  time for change.

Be a part of something so great that you skip out of bed with joy and enthusiasm

Tomorrows are never promised and for some are stolen .

This is my time to say thank you to everyone .

For everything beautiful shines through you if you let it.

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